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Roulette has become the most popular and interesting games in online casinos. You can play it for earning money as well as for recreation and fun. It provides the players a way to increase their income easily. Every player tries to beat the roulette wheel to find out a way of winning the game by applying numerous betting systems and roulette strategies. The main purpose of every strategy is to increase the advantage of player over casino. Some of the good strategies related to roulette wheel have been discussed below that can help in increasing the chances to win for the players.

Martingale Strategy
Martingale Strategy is a kind of betting system that was developed in 18th century. If the circumstances are perfect, i.e. you have unlimited funds and there are no limits to bet, you can beat the roulette wheel by applying martingale strategy.

Advanced Roulette Strategy
It is an amazing strategy that is absolutely appropriate for the players who have great experience of playing roulette and have won money. You can test the effectiveness of this strategy online at various websites.

666 Strategy for Roulette
666 is one of the most interesting and the most effective roulette strategies you can apply on roulette table. It is good for you to use this strategy for betting on only four numbers. It would be greatly beneficial for you. You can increase the effectiveness of 666 strategy by doubling all of bets. Suppose you have placed a bet $72 on green. You should put $8 between the digits and $4 bet on 3 other selected numbers. It can make the worth of your bet up to $141.

Intermediate strategy for roulette
It is another very important roulette strategy that covers the loss if you play a casino game for increasing the money. It increases your chances to win the game more conveniently. But you have to keep at least $550 in your account to apply this strategy. If you got the number of unlucky spins up to 17, you will be able to remain in the game.

Black & White Strategy for Roulette
There is a very simple and one of the easiest roulette strategies you can apply in very effective way during the game. This strategy is equally beneficial for all of the people playing in casino. It is greatly effective for the players who do not have high balance. You can use this strategy to bet on the red and the black. When you place a bet of at least $5 on red or black color, the session of betting will start. You should continue betting on one of the above-mentioned colors of your choice. You can decrease bet to $5 if you have won the game two times. The progress of betting will look like $5, $10, $15, $20, etc. This strategy is very easy to apply and you can win your game as many times as you can.

James Bond Strategy for Roulette
One of the most famous and very effective roulette strategies is called James Bond Strategy. In other words, it is called simple betting strategy. If you want to use this strategy in betting, you need to have $200 balance to make a bet. James Bond strategy allows you to bet $140 initially on the higher numbers from 19 to 36, and you place a bet of $50 on six lower numbers from 13 to 18 and place a bet of $10 on zero number. If you have placed a bet $140 on higher numbers and any higher number comes out, your profit will be at least 480. If a lower number comes out from 13 to 18, you will get at least a profit of $100. The bet on zero by using this amazing strategy can give you at least $160 as a profit. If you are not able to use this strategy more effectively, you can apply Martingale Roulette Strategy after that.

Insurance Strategy in Roulette
This is very easy strategy, but relatively new. You can generate big profit if you are an expert in using this strategy on roulette. In this strategy you have to place bets on 1st and 3rd 12. You need to place an insurance bet on the numbers from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36. It is very effectively strategy for the players if they use them properly.

Fibonacci strategy for Roulette
Fibonacci strategy has been named after Fibonacci whose real name was Leonardo Pisan. He was a native of Pisa and born in 1170 in Pisa. He had great passion for mathematics and for solving several complicated mathematical problems. Fibonacci strategy is considered the most complicated strategy applied during the roulette game. It consists of a number of sequences and was applied in 13th century. The sequence of Fibonacci numbers is similar to 0, 11, 2, 3, 5, 8, ……n. The next digit in the series is the sum of last and second last digit. The players use this strategy while betting on their favorite colors - red or black. If you apply this strategy, your first bet will be $1 and if you win, the sequence will be over. You will surely enjoy while applying this strategy to your roulette game. It gives you more fun and entertainment during the game.

Simple Strategy in Roulette
There is another very effect strategy that is considered one of the most popular and the easiest roulette strategies. It is used by John Wayne and he has mentioned it in his biography as well. John Wayne was very passionate roulette player and he often used this greatly effective and beneficial strategy to win roulette games. You do not need to keep huge balance to apply this strategy while playing roulette. You can win great profits by using this simple and easy strategy. You have to select two different colors from middle part of roulette. These colors should be from 14 to 29. You have to bet $1 on each of them. You can use Martingale strategy if it does not affect you greatly.

In short, you can win huge profits while playing roulette if you understand how to apply these strategies. You will surely enjoy winning profits as well as playing the game. The practice for these strategies can be practically done online on various websites. These roulette strategies give you full-time recreation if you know how to apply them and how to use them more effectively for winning profits.

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